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Who Loves Ya, xevinx? - The enchanted world of Component....
Where the organized people dwell
Who Loves Ya, xevinx?
1. LJ Name:


2. Age:


3. LJ best viewed on:
- computer type (Mac/PC)

I would have to say PC as I haven’t viewed this journal on a Mac for quite some time.

- Browser(firefox/ie/safari/opera/etc)

*hangs head in shame* To be honest the journal looks and functions best in IE, though for most web browsing I prefer Firefox. Firefox doesn’t allow for the background sound, colored scroll bars, etc., however, and that does effect the presentation.

- Screen resolution (800x600/1024x768/etc)

1024x768 (Set for my own personal preferences ~ I do not think the layout will look sit quite as well in other resolutions).

4. Why did you choose the Component style?

The versatility, flow, function, etc. The components allow for quite a bit of self-expression as far as the style and feel of the layout. Tweaking/customizing is relatively simple once the structure is studied long enough. The style was close to the S1 style I set up for my LiveJournal at the time (which can still be seen on my long-neglected DeadJournal).

5. Anything else you'd like us to know about your layout:

My layout was reviewed by MasterSlacker in the early days of the community. I have made a few changes since then and I was curious to know how my journal layout is viewed by others. I have several different views in the layout: logged out users view, logged in users view and owner view. The reply page was stripped down to make it easier for those with dial up or slower machines (the layout sucks up quite a bit of resources) to comment without locking up. I run a P4 2.6 Ghz at home and the page loads, navigates smoothly. On the other hand it’s pretty choppy on my work computer (a dinosaur to say the least).
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